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$3.25 + tax

emzone Brake & Parts Cleaner is an advanced formulation of cleaning solvents that quickly dissolve and remove grease, oil, brake fluid, road grime and dirt from brake parts, CV joints, disc pads, drums and other components. It helps reduce brake squeal, leaves no residue, is fast drying and has a low odour.

How to Use


  • Spray brake parts liberally and allow dirt and grime to run off.
  • Wipe with clean cloth or let air dry.
  • Repeat as necessary.

Limited Time Only. While Quantities Last!

NEW Interstate Battery Products Available

  • E-bike batteries and packs
  • Watch batteries
  • Custom battery packs for R.C and various applications
  • Seal lead acid batteries for alarm systems, computer backup or garage doors
  • Key fob batteries
  • Laptop batteries
  • Cell phone batteries
  • Golf cart batteries
  • Marine and tractor batteries
  • Backup sump pump batteries
  • Cordless house phone batteries

NEW Battery Rebuild Services

With our rebuilding service, we can restore your old battery! This means you don't have to recycle your old device when a replacement battery becomes too expensive or difficult to find. Battery rebuild costs start at $22.95 for a 9.6 V battery and $52.95 for a 18V battery. (Sorry, we currently do not rebuild lithium batteries.)

Even More Battery Services!

  • Free battery tests on your vehicle or other battery
  • Watch battery installs starting at $4.99

Please call 519-977-9000 for more pricing and details on any of these products or services.

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