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For Car Parts in Windsor, Shop at Canadian Auto Stores

At Canadian Auto Stores, we carry such a wide range of car parts in Windsor that they’re too numerous to list. We’ll do our best to give you an idea. We provide a one-stop-shop experience to our customers from Ontario and beyond with our extensive portfolio. We carry replacement parts, motor oils and filtration, chemicals, waxes and lubricants, performance and accessories, tools and shop supplies, as well as auto upholstery and carpet.

We carry products from reputed brand names and offer unbeatable prices on all our offerings. Take advantage of our free delivery service on orders of $50 and above and get the products you need anywhere in Windsor, Tecumseh and LaSalle. 

Stop in and See for Yourself!

Here’s a sampling of what’s in store for you if you visit our Windsor facility. Remember, these parts come with our signature quick and efficient customer service – you’ll never have to wait long for service at Canadian Auto Stores.



  • Belts, Hoses, Tensioners, Pulleys

  • Thermostats, Housings, Rad Caps

  • Water Pumps

  • Gaskets

  • Hose Clamps

  • Radiators

Brakes/Wheel Bearings

Brakes/Wheel Bearings

  • Brake Pads, Semi-Metallic, Ceramic, Carbon Metallic

  • Regular Rotors, Coated Rotors

  • Smart Sensor – ABS, Wheel Sensors

  • Master Cylinders, Brake Boosters

  • Power Steering Pumps

  • Brake Hardware Kits

  • Wheel Cylinders, Flex Hoses

  • Brake Lines

  • Hub Bearings, Wheel Bearings



  • Automotive and Non-Automotive Batteries

  • Starters and Alternators

  • Window Regulators, Window Motors

  • Electrical Connectors (Wire, Cable Ties)


  • Control Modules, Mass Air Flow Sensors, TPS Sensors

Steering and Suspension

Steering and Suspension

  • Motor Mounts

  • CV Boots

  • CV Shafts

  • Rack and Pinions

  • Power Steering Hoses

  • Control Arms, Chassis Parts, Tie Rods, Ball Joints, Idler and Pitman Arms

  • Shocks and Struts, Quick Struts, Lift Struts, Strut Mounts, Hood Lift Supports

Ignition, Filtration and Fuel

Ignition, Filtration and Fuel

  • Import and Domestic Wire Sets

  • Spark Plugs

  • Transmission Filters and Gaskets

  • O2 Sensors

  • Emission Sensor, EGR Valves, Temp and Oil Sending Units

Heating and Cooling

Heating and Cooling

  • A/C Compressors

  • Heater Cores

  • RED TEK® – 12A Auto Refrigerants, Stop Leak, Pro Seal, Dye Charge, Oil Charge, Speciality A/C Kits, Hoses, Gauges, 22A Home Refrigerant & Kits

Engine Parts

Engine Parts

  • Oil Pans

  • Gaskets

  • Timing Belts



  • Economy Mufflers

  • Walker – Pipes, Mufflers

  • Pipe adaptors 

  • Universal Catalytic Converters

  • Flex Pipes, Muffler Clamps

  • Stainless steel tips



  • Bulbs, Headlight Bulbs

  • Primelite – Lighting Products

  • Rain-X® – Wiper Blades – Latitude® Blades

  • Clearview – Wiper Blades – Latitude Blades

A picture showcasing four car components

Get the Products You Need

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